Thursday, April 4, 2013

Can You Get a Flat Stomach With These 6 Easy Steps

Learn how to get flat stomach in no time! Discover what you must do in order to achieve thin belly.

I don’t think that there is anyone that don’t want solid flat stomach. So, as everyone including you, if you was trying to flatten you belly or get good looking abs through exercises and thus fail to succeed, don’t discourage your-self, as there are some principles that you have to follow to be able to achieve the wanted results!

Ways To Get Flatter Stomach Fast
Probably you would be interested and ask: How fast do you mean by fast? 3 days,  2 weeks? Or 1 month? Well there is no way to definite this answer for this question, and it really depends on your present moment and physical condition, your diet plan, and your overall life style. But there is one thing you can be assured: don’t you think it is kinda gimmick if someone promise you flat stomach in 2 weeks? – which is often now!
The core principle here is: Lose your body fat and strengthen your abdominal core muscle simultaneously.

The following flat stomach tips are some of the steps that people use to flatten their belly which I’ve found useful from the Fat Loss Factor program:

1. Drink More Water Each Day
Most people would simply ignore this fact that would amazingly help them lose additional 1-2 pounds, if combined with the right flat stomach foods. Note that your body would need adequate amount of water in order to maintain steady metabolism and produce more energy for burning even more calories.

So how much water to do you need per day? The standard measurement would be taking the half of your weight in pounds with the unit of ounces. For example, a 150 pounds some would need to consume at least 2.2 liter of water per day. Sound too much to you? Well if you take into account the water that you gain from your meal, fruits, and vegetable, you won’t find too challenging meeting the quota.

2. Maintain Your Metabolism Rate
It simply mean, that balance your food intake as according to the energy you need to sustain your daily living. For instant, try to break your heavy meal into a few small portions to evenly distribute the energy for you whole day need. Bingeing is not good approach to maintain a flat stomach. Avoid buffet style eating as well. It is best to include lean protein into your belly diet so that your body won’t break down your muscle to generate energy. After all, you want to burn your belly fat but not your ab muscles.

3. How To Get a Flat Stomach With Weight Lifting
The amount of energy your body requires is intimately related to amount of muscle you have. The more muscle that you have, the more energy your body require to sustain your need, thus more fuel is needed to be burned, even at resting stage. In addition, weight lifting is also effective to re-build the muscle mass that you might lose during your calorie restriction diet, thus adding more muscle to your abs as well while maintain your thin stomach.

4. Avoid Refined Grains
Scientific research has proven that whole grain dieter lose more weight than those refined grain dieter (with equal served amount of fruits, vegetables, lean meat, poultry, fish, and low fat dairy), helping you to understand that it is the blood glucose level that is playing the important role of burning your tummy fat. Whole grain balanced abdominal diets effectively maintain your body’s blood sugar level and insulin response at low level to make the fat burning process much efficient for your body.

5. Perform Regular Cardio Workouts
Another important fact that you would need to know is that there is NO SPECIFIC SCIENTIFIC PROVEN WAY for you to target any fat loss in any area of your body. Tell me if you have one and I am more than willing to learn from you. So the fast way to get a flatter tummy is to burn that thick stubborn layer of fat in order to show’em your 6 abs.

Including cardio workouts in your flat stomach exercises program is a particular effective method I found to increase your heart rate in a sustained period to have enough time burn your belly fat. Some example, cardio exercise would be jogging, bike riding, dancing, and running.

6. Cut Down Dinner Portion
Just that you know, when having flat stomach diet, having bigger meals is not the better for your dinner portion when you want to get flatter belly. Heavy portion of dinner hurts your digestion system and fat loss process and your metabolism rate slows down after your dinner time. The bottom line is always try to avoid anything from heavily digestible foods before bed time.

7. Use the existence of the most useful and wide know weight loss tools. As most used are considered the ones from website.

If you can’t resist to skip your dinner, try smaller portion of vegetables and fruit filled meals at it helps to curb your appetite and hunger for more food. Drink a large glass of water might be effective to fill your stomach faster during your dinner so that you won’t over eat your-self.

Add these flat stomach advices and you’ll experience success sooner than you think!

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